The NHS COVID-19 app is frequently updated with improvements to content, accessibility and functionality. It is important that you keep the app updated to ensure that you receive the latest advice and guidance.

Given the speed in which new policy guidance is introduced during the pandemic, updates to the app sometimes need to follow at a slightly later date to allow for build and testing as well as translation into 12 languages. In these instances, you should always follow the advice given to you by NHS Test and Trace or NHS Wales Test, Trace and Protect if it is different to that of the app.

Depending on your phone and app update settings, the app may update by itself. You can read further information on how to enable automatic app upgrade, or how to manually upgrade:

As the app uses technology from Apple and Google, it’s also important to make sure you’re using the latest version of your phone’s operating system.

Sometimes, when an update to the app is very important, we may send you a message asking you to update your app or operating system. Read more about messages asking you to update your app.