If your NHS COVID-19 app is stuck on the blue loading screen when you open it, there are two ways you can try to fix this problem.

Make sure your Apple iOS is the latest version of the software. Read our guide on how to check and update your Apple operating system.

If your app is still stuck on the blue loading screen after upgrading to the latest software, you should:

  1. Close the NHS COVID-19 app

  2. On your device go to Settings

  3. Select General and then Reset

  4. Select Reset Location & Privacy

  5. Open the NHS COVID-19 app where you will need to accept phone permissions again

If you’re still having issues, you should report a technical problem and include the type of phone you’re using to help us give you the right support.

You can opt to give us your email address so that we can follow up with more information, but this is not required.