You can use the NHS COVID-19 app for contact tracing in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar. The app will send you an alert if it detects that you have been in ‘close contact’ with users of the Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar apps who have tested positive for coronavirus, regardless of where you are. Read more about using the app in other countries.

If you've had a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test result and decide to share that information so others can be alerted, random unique IDs are used as part of the contact tracing technology. These unique IDs alert other users that you’ve been in close contact with, that you’ve tested positive for coronavirus. The same process is used with app users in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar.

If you come into close contact with other contact tracing app users in these areas and someone later tests positive for coronavirus, an alert will be sent to your NHS COVID-19 app. Likewise, the NHS COVID-19 app will be able to detect coronavirus risks from people travelling into England or Wales who are using other apps from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey or Gibraltar.

No personal data is shared between your phone and anyone else’s phone and the app cannot be used to personally identify you or your location.