If you have an iPhone running iOS 13.7 or higher, you may have trouble setting up the NHS COVID-19 app for the first time.

When you’ve downloaded the app and are setting it up, you’ll get a notification asking you to enable ‘exposure notifications’.

If you select ‘don’t enable', you’ll get a screen saying ‘For this app to work, you must allow permissions on your device.’ You will be prompted to ‘go to settings’.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and select ‘exposure notifications’.

  2. Make sure ‘active region’ is set as ‘England and Wales - Department of Health & Social Care'.

  3. Select the arrow next to this option, then scroll down to ‘share exposure information’.

  4. Make sure the toggle for ‘share exposure information’ is switched on.

When you have completed these steps, go back into the NHS COVID-19 app and follow any prompts for set up.

If selecting 'Set as active region' is not possible, or still doesn’t work, try the following:

In your settings:

  1. Go to General

  2. Select Reset

  3. Select Reset location and privacy