Outside of England and Wales, the NHS COVID-19 app will notify you of close contact exposures to users of the Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar apps who have tested positive on a PCR test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

This means when you cross the border between countries, you'll need to change your Exposure Notifications settings to switch between apps, you do not need to delete the NHS COVID-19 app to get access. Open the app for the country you are in, and turn on contact tracing within that app.

If you were previously using another country’s contact tracing app, you will see a prompt asking if you want to “Switch app for exposure notifications?”. When you select Switch app, contact tracing will now be active on the app of the country you are currently in, and switched off on the app of the other country. You cannot have contact tracing active on both apps at the same time. Remember to switch back when you cross the border again.

If you are planning to travel abroad, remember to check current travel restrictions for England and Wales.

Read more about using the app in other countries.