The NHS COVID-19 app uses Apple and Google technology for monitoring contacts. In your phone settings, you can see a section for Exposure Notifications or Exposure Logs.

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings then Exposure Notifications and Exposure Logging Status.

If you have an Android phone, go to Settings then Exposure Notifications.

On both types of phone, if you tap on Exposure Checks you can see a list of timestamps that are recorded every time your phone receives a list of anonymous ‘keys’.

In these settings, your phone provider (Apple or Google) provides an overview of the digital contacts (Exposure Logs) and how their GAEN technology works. This includes the number Exposure Checks over the past 14 days.

This lists all your digital contacts with other app users you have been in close contact with.

The NHS COVID-19 app does not hold any identifiable data. The digital contact technology exchanges unique codes, changed regularly, to create a log of your close contacts which keeps the privacy of all NHS COVID-19 app users.

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