The app has been designed to work in the phone's background, working alongside other Bluetooth features, apps and devices.

However, Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification technology, which the NHS COVID-19 app is based on, will only let you use one official contact tracing app at a time. If you come in to close contact with users of the Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey or Gibraltar apps, your NHS COVID-19 app will still work for exposure notifications (contact tracing). Read more about using your app in other parts of the UK, Jersey or Gibraltar.

If you are travelling to anywhere outside of this list, read more about how to use contact tracing apps in other countries.

If you do experience any interference with other apps or devices, report this using our online feedback form. Reference the model of your phone and the app or device that is experiencing interference. Your feedback will help us make improvements to the app.

Medical devices

If you have concerns about medical devices in particular, contact a healthcare professional or the medical device provider. Read more about using the app alongside medical devices.