The NHS COVID-19 has been designed to use the minimum possible personal data or information. Data is protected by several techniques that protect the privacy and identity of app users.

The app cannot track your location. It cannot be used for monitoring whether you’re self-isolating, or for law enforcement. The app cannot be used to access your personal identity or any other information on your phone. For example, the app cannot access your contacts, messages or photos.

We’ve drawn on expertise from across the UK government and industry to review our design and to help us test and improve the app. We've involved experts from the National Cyber Security Centre to make sure it's safe and secure to use. There’s an ongoing programme of monitoring and assessment to make sure that your data is safe and secure.

Data protection law sets out a framework of protective measures that we've followed to make sure the app is legally compliant and meets the standards expected to keep data secure and confidential.

More information about how we protect your data can be found in the privacy notice.

When you use other NHS services, you may need to provide additional details. These are outside of the app, except for test results which are used to update app users. This is done in a way that protects the privacy and identity of all app users.