The NHS COVID-19 app does not hold any information which could directly identify you. For example, your name, address, or date of birth.

Any data that might indirectly identify you is limited and subject to controls. For example, the app knows the postcode district you enter. However, this is generalised information and not specific to you. The app does not know the unique identifier for your phone.

The app cannot track your location, monitor whether you are self-isolating, access your personal identity or any other information on your phone.

If you've had a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test result and decide to share that information so others can be alerted, random unique IDs are used as part of the contact tracing technology. No personal data is shared between your phone and anyone else’s phone.

Data protection law sets out a clear framework of protective measures that we've followed to make sure the app is legally compliant and meets the standards expected to keep any data secure and confidential. In addition to these measures, we make sure that app users' privacy and identity are protected from other app users, the NHS and the government.