Contact tracing apps

The NHS COVID-19 app is the only official contact tracing app in England and Wales.

Contact tracing apps support wider testing and tracing programmes, making it easy to alert people they have been in contact with someone who has since tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). With the app, this can include people they may not know, such as someone they sat next to on public transport.

If you travel to other parts of the UK, Jersey or Gibraltar, the NHS COVID-19 app will also send you an alert if it detects that you have been in 'close contact' with users of the Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar apps who have tested positive on a PCR test, regardless of which region or country you are in.

If you are planning to travel, remember to check current travel restrictions for England and Wales.

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The NHS COVID-19 app does not hold any information which could directly identify you. For example, your name, address, or date of birth.

The NHS App

The NHS app is a separate app for England that helps people find a range of NHS services including viewing and downloading your NHS COVID pass, viewing your medical history or ordering a repeat prescription.

Other apps

There are also other COVID-19 apps. These can be used to check symptoms. They also help with research into coronavirus, including understanding more about the way it spreads and the links between symptoms and underlying health conditions. However, these apps are not able to warn people who have been in contact with others who have since tested positive for coronavirus. The only app that does this in England and Wales is the NHS COVID-19 app.