The NHS COVID-19 app is no longer in use and the Isle of Wight trial has now ended. This is archived information from 18 June 2020. If you still have the app, please uninstall it.

The NHS COVID-19 app will not hold any identifiable information about you, such as your name, address, or date of birth. The app cannot track your location, monitor whether you are self-isolating, access your personal identity or any other information on your phone.

Data protection law and NHS standards set out a clear framework of protective measures that we have followed to make sure the app is legally compliant and meets the standards expected to keep any data secure and confidential.
Any data from the app that a user does choose to share with the NHS may be retained for public health management, research in the public interest, or for NHS service planning and delivery, for example, to plan for any future pandemic. This will always be done in line with the law.
This data will not be linked to any other datasets, which could identify any individual and be used by the Government, NHS, law enforcement or another agency to target them for commercial, political or any other purpose.